Holcomb Bus Service hits The Road-EO

By Sal Dani,

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STS Roadeo Holcomb Bus Service employees have repeatedly finished in the top performers of this annual safety competition. We expect that this year will not be any different. Join us on May 3, 2014 for a fun filled day of challenges, thrills and fun!



Holcomb Bus Service has a history of participation and top finishers at the Annual NJSTS Roadeo competition. Come out and support our employees who will participate this year. This event gives the opportunity for School Bus Drivers to show their driving and safety skills. The event will take place on Saturday, May 3, 2014. It is held at Hurricane Harbor at Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey.

Come out and join us for a day full of challenges, victories and, most of all, loads of fun! Visit http://www.njsts.org/roadeo/ for more information and registration forms. You can also see Tammy in our front office for more information or see postings in our employee lounge. Holcomb Bus Service will have transportation available for those who would like to join us for a true adventure in school bus transportation!

You can also find information on the Great Adventure website at https://www.sixflags.com/greatadventure/special-events/special-group-event/nj-bus-driver-safety-road-eo-2014-05-03

We hope to see you there, where safety and fun is what it’s all about!


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