Northwestern Mutual


  It is no secret that AJ Holcomb and George Holcomb III, Presidents of Holcomb Bus Service, not only assists by providing services for many charitable functions, they can often be found in the forefront participating in those functions. Holcomb Bus Service continues to help make strides in the fight against Childhood Cancer as well.

   Holcomb Bus Service, Alex’s Lemonade and Northwestern Mutual are coming together to continue the fight. These organizations are a great fit to help in the battle against Childhood Cancer.

Over the last few years, Holcomb Bus Service has:

– Donated more than $3,000 in support and transportation to Alex’s Lemonade Events

– Attended each Lemon Run since its inception

– Attended the annual Lemon Ball

– Supported the ALSF by attending and hosting several lemonade stands


   Holcomb Bus Service will team with Northwestern Mutual to join the fight against Childhood Cancer by providing the transportation for Northwestern Mutual to CHOP, (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia), on October 21st and October 22nd 2014. Since Northwestern Mutual joined with Alex’s Lemonade to help establish a consistent social awareness in our communities they have provided substantial services and charitable donations. Holcomb Bus Service will now make it possible for them to continue their support.

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