Click Here and Apply to be one of our Bus Drivers!!

Job Summary: The bus driver transports passengers to and from specific destinations/routes in a safe and timely manner.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Drive responsibly and ensure physical safety of the boarding passengers
  2. Ensure that students remain in their seats and do not exit the bus other than their designated stop
  3. Maintain order and discipline during student transports
  4. Remain in contact with the Holcomb office during transports with any issues, etc.
  5. Report/document  any accidents/ incidents while driving to and from school and Holcomb office
  6. Perform student checks as required
  7. Obey all traffic rules
  8. Adhere to all safety policies and procedures


  1. Must be responsible and obey traffic rules
  2. Must have a valid driver’s license
  3. Must be able to pass a DOT physical and drug screening
  4. Must have a clean criminal background
  5. Must be at least 21 years of age
  6. 3 years of good standing drivers license


Potential Driver:

  • Must have a valid New Jersey driver’s license to train in New Jersey
  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must have a 3 year driving record in “good standing” (as per state of NJ)
  • Must be able to pass a DOT Physical
  • Must be able to pass a 5 panel DOT drug screening (you will be subject to random testing once you begin your behind the wheel training)
  • Must have a clean Criminal Background; you will be subject to fingerprinting through the state of NJ (no prior convictions or felonies, DUI’s, or drug related arrests)
  • Must be able to pass a Written & Driving (behind the wheel) CDL Test

We will pay for all costs related to attaining your CDL:

  1. Drivers Abstract
  2. DOT physical
  3. Written test
  4. Fingerprints
  5. Drug test
  6. Behind the Wheel training; fuel; etc.


Click Here to Apply to be one of our Bus Fleet Technicians!!

Job Summary: The maintenance technician performs a variety of daily/weekly/monthly repairs and inspections in order to maintain a state of operating excellence for our school buses.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Performs quarterly inspections; electrical, brake and engine repairs
  2. Conducts inspections with school bus and DOT inspectors
  3. Assists Service Manager as needed
  4. Maintains records of all maintenance and repair work
  5. Maintains high standards of safety and cleanliness in all work connected areas
  6. Install and service GPS and camera systems
  7. Performing minor electrical repairs
  8. Follow shop procedures and protocol
  9. Respond to road calls
  10. Adhere to all safety policies and procedures


  1. 5  years+ of mechanic experience
  2. Proficiency in repair and maintenance of buses, trucks and other automotive equipment